Mast Brothers Factory New York.

As I wrote in my last post, I arrived to New York on Monday 24th and stayed for one week. I have a wonderful training at L'Ecole Valrhona. But this is not the only thing I did in New York, It is a nice place where you are going to walk a lot ( the first day I walked 23 km!! so if you go use comfortable shoes).

I am going to start by talking about Mast Brothers Factory, it is located at the North of Brooklyn, in a very fancy and beautiful area. The factory is small but sexy (Yes, I love to say sexy, instead of Wooww).

For Usd $10.- you get a guided tour within the facility. We started by trying the pulp and bean from a Cacao pod. It was from Madagascar and it's flavor and texture was awesome! We tasted 6 different types of Chocolates produced there. They have a store in the factory where you can buy some of their Bars with a lot of different flavors.