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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied Culinary Arts at Insituto Argentino Gastronomico. I soon realized I was meant for sweeter paths, so I went back to school and  graduated as a professional Pastry Artisan.

I then had the opportunity to work at 7 stars Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the place where I found my passion for chocolate. 

I now live in the beautiful Cayman Islands. During my time here, I have been able to continue growing my pastry and chocolate skills at Marriott Grand Cayman, focusing on creating recipes, developing new concepts and working with incredibly talented culinary professionals.

I believe that the process of making chocolate is intimate and artistic, the moment to be you and express yourself. Making people remember something happy about their childhood when tasting my creations and getting a smile in return when sharing their thoughts is the best reward.